1950's Era Soda Shop Mural

Talk about a fun mural to paint.  This mural was created in a home outside the media room.  The room was designed to be a replica of a 1950's soda shop.  The mural itself is on the wall oppsite of the counter.  It's suppose to be like you are looking out the window at the town square. The town square is based on the movie 'Back to the Future' with the actual courthouse being used and other elements from the movie set.

The mural is 5.5 feet hight and 20 feet long.  Three autos are from left to right a '47 Ford, a '57 Chevy and a '54 Ford station wagon. And yes, I know that in the movie it was '55 but the client likes the '57 Chevy. The booth seating in the soda shop is made to be like the seats in a '57 chevy and they are so cool.

The biggest challenge I have in recording my work is getting acturate photographs.  The color in these photos is much more garish than the actual mural.  The colors in real life are muted down quite a bit from these pictures but what are you gonna do?  I am a much better artist than photographer.

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