Wine Cellar Mural

I created this wine cellar mural by painting on the walls and ceiling of the stairway going down the wine cellar.  When you start going down to the wine there is about 6-7 steps then a landing and then you turn 180 degrees and go down another 6-7 steps to the climate controlled wine room.   The wine room holds 1,800 bottles of wine.

The first two pictures are at the top of the stairs.

Then once you start down you can see the area on the wall where the landing is and I painted it to look like there was a room full of barrels of wine.  I thought it would be a nice touch to put a bottle and two glasses there.  Because of the confining nature of the space it was pretty hard to get  a decent shot of that part of the mural.

Here are some more pictures of the various places on the walls.  I really like the way the breakaway plaster areas came out.

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