Campbell Park Elementary Marine Science Center

From the website of Campbell Park Elementary School in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The mission of Campbell Park Elementary Marine Science Center is to create a supportive learning community which promotes highest student achievement through the integration of Marine Science and World Languages within the curriculum.

The mascot for the Campbell Park Elementary School is the Spotted Eagle Ray.  For this very special art project Cathy evisioned and created the defining work of art for the school.  The huge tile mural is installed right at the front entrance of the school.  It measures 9 feet high and is 18 feet wide.  It is composed of 648 hand painted ceramic tile pieces.  The mural has the Spotted Eagle Ray and a wave pattern with the CP logo.

As you can see one of the biggest challenges of installation was the mural is up high.  The bottom starts at about 14 feet and the top is 23 feet off the ground level.  The same crew that helped us install the Paul B. Stephens tile mural helped us install this one.

Talk about a challenge, we had to arrange all 648 pieces in the corrent order for installation.  Each piece was numbered on the back.  As we handed the tile up to them they installed it.

At the end of a long day all the pieces where installed exactly where they should have been and the work looks fantastic.

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